Why Skin Butters Are Better Than Creams

Most importantly, waterless formulas do not require a chemical preservative. Harsh chemicals can degrade the potency of botanical actives and are not helpful once applied topically. Additionally, a typical lotion or cream formula might only be about 20-25% oil, so the same size jar of skin butter (or, a 100% oil formula), can last four to five times longer. And, when you consider we sell exclusively wholesale...freshly made and direct to our customers...Really Good™ skincare products are AT LEAST half the price of what they would cost if we chose to have resellers/retail stocklists. Therefore, you can always be assured you are getting the freshest products available ...as they are never off languishing on a store shelf somewhere before you buy them. This fact, along with opaque containers (chosen so light cannot degrade the ingredients), further insure the potency of our formulas. ~Please enjoy in the best of health!