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Really Good™ Blue Utopia: Clean Deodorant / Compact ~ .529 fl. oz./15g

It is a well established fact, anti-perspirants are not healthy but an underarm deodorant made with safe ingredients is fine to use. Therefore, to be most effective, the ingredients should kill the germs that cause odor. Long-term health effects of toxic chemicals used in mainstream deodorants are not fully understood and they are relatively inexpensive to manufacture in comparison to anything made with a natural ingredient. The FDA charges six figures for testing a product that legally claims to effectively sanitize, while the long-term effects of toxic ingredients on human health remain a mystery. Furthermore, there are no lab tests currently in existence, for testing the effectiveness of a natural sanitizing formula that is purely oil-based. However, it is fully understood which germs each of the natural ingredients are capable of killing, all the while doing it safely! It is not against the law to sell toxic chemicals in personal care products, but it is against the law for us to make any claims about an oil-based formula's santization effectiveness. Therefore, we are able to offer our Really Good™ Blue Utopia Clean Deodorant for use as a safe, sanitizing deodorant to be used as you please. We take great care to manufacture it at low temperatures, therefore retaining the effectiveness of all the ingredients it contains. The container is polypropylene, a safe resin, filled by hand when the formula reaches room temperature. This further insures the safety of each product by avoiding any leaching of the resin into the formula. Enjoy in the best of health!———This is a luxurious, non-toxic deodorant that won't leave you feeling greasy and once you try our sanitizimg formula you’ll know why fresh is the best! As a proud member of PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies Program we are committed to making cruelty-free skin care products.

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We make our products fresh in small batches, so nothing ever languishes on a store shelf when you purchase direct from (us), the manufacturer. This insures the potency of all the active ingredients they contain. You also avoid paying the high price markup of a traditional retail environment where the same product (if it were available) would cost much, much more.

A little goes a long way. Melt a tiny-half-pea-sized amount onto armpit area and massage in thoroughly to produce an effective yet not too greasy result. Let the oils absorb well enough so as not to effect clothing. (
Sorry we cannot be responsible for soiled garments.) Store at room temperature. Reapply as needed. This compact may be refilled with our Blue Utopia jar product. To do so, secure jar lid tightly before setting in 125 degree water, weighted down with a heavy glass. After 30 minutes, remove and pour into empty compact. Refrigerate immediately for 45 minutes.

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