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Press Release

Issued: December 2014
SkinDressing.com, home to Really Good™ Über-nourishing skin care products is the brainchild of entrepreneur, Jaya Fairchild who recognized the overwhelming need for safe and effective, yet affordable skincare products. She consulted professionals with over 60+ years of combined experience. Charles Friedman, an award-winning cosmetic chemist and Martin Feisst, energy healer & founder of Feisst Institute in Encinitas, California. And, after a years-long quest for the perfect solution her Really Good™ brand was launched in September 2014.

Holding firmly to her vision of skincare made in nature and supportive of life, Really Good™ products are formulated with the highest percentage possible, of USDA certified organic ingredients procured from verified sources. The Really Good™ line is complete (yet expanding) with nutrient-dense skin butters, elixirs, serums, refreshers & non-drying face soap. However, what sets Really Good™ apart, is a truly innovative concept in natural skincare—their signature combination of exotic plant essences. Dynamically produced via proprietary process, the essences are infused in Really Good™ Skin Refreshers & Skin Serum formulas. Essences from plants possessing skincare benefits are vastly different from a plant extract and the safest way to add maximum benefit.

Also as part of her health-conscious approach, much consideration was given to preservation of the formulas. Historically, Jaya was an avid lover of lotions and creams in her personal skin care regimen. However, through extensive research she became utterly convinced her new formulas must be a synergistic combination of products—to aid in the reduction of preservatives needed. (Waterless formulas need only a safe version of mixed tocopherols and heavy emulsifiers can also be dropped from the list.) Therefore, when investigating the plethora of technologies available she made the only obvious choice for formulas containing distilled water—a tried and true, decades old preservative gentle enough for use in contact lens solutions—polyaminopropyl biguanide.* It can stand up to even the most militant of critics and won't diminish the integrity of natural ingredients like ethyl alcohol would.

An identical standard to the inside of the products carries through in the choice of packaging—utilizing only the safest recyclable plastic container resins rather than glass—for the purpose of safety in a slippery bathroom environment and practicality in transport. And, each product’s safety is further insured by a strict adherence to temperature regulation throughout all manufacturing processes in order to protect from any hazardous leaching of a container’s resin into a formula. (There is also a plan for alternative packaging, and when it becomes feasible to pursue, hope to invent it.)

With a business model that is non-traditional for the cosmetic industry, Really Good™ products are only available for purchase directly from SkinDressing.com, the manufacturer. This way, customers can be assured they're always getting the freshest products available—at the lowest prices possible—backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. (Products are marked with a "Highest Quality Assured By" date for optimum performance.) Really Good™ is the first USA brand to be certified by Beauty Without Cruelty and as a proud member of PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies Program they are committed to making vegan (truly cruelty-free) skin care products.

*In 2017 a naturally derived preservation system was incorporated into the new product, Really Good™ Pro-Energy Skin Serum. We also reformulated existing products that require preservation, using these alternate materials. Additionally, in light of recent news events involving CITES violations having to do with the illegal harvesting of rosewood by suppliers of rosewood/bois de rose oil, we are replacing this material with more eco-friendly essential oils.