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Why We're Different

🌿 Our prices are wholesale to the public. Most people don't realize that a retail price is generally AT LEAST twice the wholesale price...insiders call it 'keystoning'. That would mean Really Good™ products...exclusively available from SkinDressing.com...are ALWAYS sold at LEAST 50% retail. When you consider this savings, even with factoring in a shipping charge (or an international shipping charge), you are still saving money and getting a very high quality product delivered fresh...right to your door. (Sort of like ordering take-out.)

🌿 Really Good™ products are eco-luxe...and made fresh so nothing ever languishes on a store shelf to insure maximum effectiveness of all the active ingredients they contain. (Opaque containers made of safe, recyclable resins filled at appropriate temperatures further insure their efficacy.)

🌿 Anyone can put a high price on a pretty package, and sell a promise. That will build in plenty of money to pay for expensive advertising, enable deep discounts, lots of special offers and promotional giveaways. And, companies that incur the cost of paying a store, or a representative, to sell product for them are ultimately transferring that cost to you...the customer...with each product you purchase at retail price. Furthermore some companies even have multiple brands they sell to upscale markets, as well as drugstores, made with the same or very similar formulas...but vastly different price tags. Just take a moment to think about what THAT means!

🌿 At SkinDressing.com we'd rather you didn't have to pay for all those unnecessary things. And, in keeping with our belief that 100% safe skincare is a necessity, never a luxury...we exist to make accessible to all, beneficial skin care without any potential ill repercussions whatsoever sometime later in life...with no accountability from the originator of the problem. And, because this has DEFINITELY NOT been the standard in a beauty industry dominated by untested, unsafe and unregulated chemicals (that cost MUCH LESS to produce than organic ingredients), SkinDressing.com is here to change that with our Really Good™ skin care products by never marking up...because we believe everyone deserves access to safe skincare...as well as certified organic ingredients.

Incidentally, why use a skin butter rather than a lotion or cream? Most importantly, waterless formulas do not require a preservative. Additionally, a typical lotion or cream formula might only be about 20-25% oil, so the same size jar of skin butter (100% oil), can last four to five times longer. For example, our
Really Good™ Ultimate Rose Butter could otherwise retail for well over $200 given that most retail prices are at least double the wholesale price. Even $200 would be low considering it takes 20 DOZEN organic roses to distill enough essential rose oil for just one jar!

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Enjoy in the best of health,
Jaya Fairchild | Founding Partner