De-Bug Balm / Karanja & Neem
de-bug balm with organic neem and karanja oils


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Really Good™ De-Bug Balm: Mosquito Repellent With Karanja & Neem ~ 3 fl. oz. / 85g

Really Good™ De-Bug Balm is a non-toxic mosquito repellent made with pure and natural oils such as organic karanja and neem.* For centuries these highly beneficial oils have been used with success for this purpose, testifying to the fact this end can be achieved without the use of any dangerous chemicals. Certified by Beauty Without Cruelty and a proud member of PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies Program, we are committed to making vegan (truly cruelty-free) skin care products.

*This product has the consistency of an oil with a mild, pleasant scent that goes away shortly after it is applied to the skin.

We make our products fresh in small batches, so nothing ever languishes on a store shelf when you purchase direct from (us), the manufacturer. This insures the potency of all the active ingredients they contain. You also avoid paying the high price markup of a traditional retail environment where the same product (if it were available) would cost much, much more.

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Suitable for face & body. Apply generous enough but without greasy aftereffect, to exposed skin every 3-4 hours. Avoid eyes. Store at room temperature.

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