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How do I smooth the consistency of my skin butter?

Smoothing Your Butters

Really Good™ skin butters are made with all natural ingredients and no chemicals or fillers. That means there are only ingredients that are helpful for skin and health. Therefore occasionally you might find, the consistency of a butter will turn a slight bit textured (a little like a jar of natural honey——sorry for the analogy vegans!) Here's a simple way to get your perfectly smooth consistency back without in any way damaging the quality of the product:

1. Make sure the lid and sealing disc are tightly secured on the jar.

2. Heat a pot of water to 125 degrees F.

3. Place your jar of skin butter in an upright position into the pot.

4. Weight it down with a heavy glass jar or something else that would work just as well.

5. Leave for one hour (a little longer is alright).

6. Remove unopened skin butter jar from pot, still carefully keeping it in an upright position. The contents should have now become liquified, or much more viscous.

7. Place the unopened jar in refrigerator:

For a full 1 oz. size Ultimate Rose Butter - 2 hours

8. Remove from refrigerator and allow to become room temperature. Enjoy!

To maintain the quality of the product:
Avoid using temperatures higher than 125 degrees F.
Avoid using a microwave.
Avoid using a freezer.

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