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Really Good Rose Elixir - Uber-nourishing rose face oil -

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Really Good™ Rose Elixir: Even More Than Our Popular Rose Butter...It Takes 25 Dozen Organic Roses To Distill Enough Pure Rose Essential Oil...For Just One Product ~ 1 fl. oz./27g

NEW FORMULA Due to recent news events having to do with CITES violations and the illegal harvesting of rosewood by some suppliers of rosewood/bois de rose oil, we've chosen to replace this material with other essential oils. The higher costs of some raw materials are reflected in our new pricing.

Really Good™ Rose Elixir is a balanced combination of organic rose and jojoba oils plus other star oils such as amber, camellia and myrrh. It's the crème de la crème of face oils packaged in a beautiful gold airless pump. The scent is exquisite!* Please have a closer look at all the extraordinary skin benefits in this face oil by clicking the "all ingredients" tab above. Once you try our Über-nourishing formula you’ll know why fresh is best! Certified by Beauty Without Cruelty and a proud member of PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies Program, we are committed to making vegan (truly cruelty-free) skin care products.

*Generously scented. To read more about the skin benefits of organic rose essential oil please click on the icon below:

Why use a skin elixir rather than a lotion or cream? Most importantly, waterless formulas do not require a chemical preservative. Additionally, a typical lotion or cream formula might only be about 20-25% oil, so the same size bottle of rose elixir (100% oil), can last four to five times longer. Considering we sell exclusively wholesale...freshly made and direct to our customers...our Really Good™ Rose Elixir could otherwise retail for well over $300 given that most retail prices are at least double the wholesale price. Even $300 would be low considering it takes 25 DOZEN organic roses to distill enough essential rose oil for just one bottle!

For normal, dry, sensitive, mature, and combination skin we recommend applying one of our butters or skin elixirs along with one of our Really Good™ Skin Serums. For face, hands and décolletage, one drop is all that is required. Or if preferred, use one of our Really Good™ Skin Refreshers in addition, or in lieu of. Please click on the icon below, "Your Skin Type/Our Products" for more information.

We make our products fresh in small batches, so nothing ever languishes on a store shelf when you purchase direct from (us), the manufacturer. This insures the potency of all the active ingredients they contain. You also avoid paying the high price markup of a traditional retail environment where the same product (if it were available) would cost much, much more.

A little goes a long way. Pump out desired amount and use sparingly on clean skin to produce an effective yet not too greasy result. Suitable for face and body. Store at room temperature.

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